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Bingfeng Outdoor is a modern company specializing in the design, prototype, development, manufacture and marketing of climbing gear and safety equipment. We own the brands Xinda and Al-nasr and those two have gained a lot of popularity and a place in the Asian market.

Founded in 2008, our company has been dedicated to making the best products possible for our customers all over the world and this goal will always be pursued by our people.

We have an elite team in the R&D center including some of the top experts in the industry and enthusiastic climbers who love to try innovative gears. This guarantees that our products will be made properly and accepted widely. Safe, lightweight, comfy, reliable and affordable, those ideas will be put into reality here at our company. Moreover, we attach great importance to intellectual property and have owned 18 patents. 

We have a large range of product line including ropes, helmets, ascenders, descenders, safety harnesses, backpacks, gloves etc. Those items can be applied to events like rock climbing, tree care, cave exploration, military training, fire control, social rescue, recreation, work at height and so on.

Our products are UIAA labeled and CE certified. We believe quality is the top priority and life spring of who we are. We can never be more strict and prudent about the production and quality. In our lab, many tests are being carried out everyday. The products will be pulled, pressed, smoke tested and thrown from high in order to make sure they are qualified in every way. We aim to be a top player in the industry but only with high standards set and followed, we can achieve so. To provide more and more nice gears is what we always do for our climbers and workers.

We are all aware that our journey has just begun and we will do our best to be stronger and better in what we do as to give our customers the perfect experience with our products.

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